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History Games (Playing History Board Games with Lawler and Smith)

Frontiers and the American West

Join us as we continue to explore the mythic American west as represented by boardgames! We’ll start the evening with a simple Spaghetti Western style shoot’em up called “Bang!” Where players assume the roles of outlaw, renegade, deputy, or sheriff in oder to tame or maintain the “Wild West.” Things will get more serious as we play “Northern Pacific” where players compete and invest in the Railroad as it brings “civilization” and “eastern elites” to spoil the West. If railroads are not your thing sit down and enjoy “Western Legends” or “Chaparral” where you’ll compete for infamy in the west either as a historic outlaw or in competition with other players to grow your ranch or mine on the frontier.

We meet at 5:00 p.m. in FO2-209. In order to move things along we ask that you consult a play through video for these games on youtube and familiarize yourself with game play. We’ll explain the rules but it’s helpful if everyone has some knowledge of the games.