The Center for the History of Video Games and Critical Play at California State University, Long Beach

The Center began in the Fall of 2017 with the help of a generous donation to the History Department at CSULB. It is currently in the planning and organizational stages of its development. This website and blog are the first phases of bringing the project to life. We hope the website will add to the growing network of like-minded programs and projects at other institutions and universities. This fall, we started our blog and are looking forward to publishing articles by the CSULB community and others interested in history games study and history gaming. If you would like to submit your work to our "Writings" please contact us. To further promote the Center we will soon begin publishing a monthly podcast that explores issues in history and gaming and invites others to join in this discussion of critical play and research methods. In this way, we hope to engage in an interdisciplinary conversation with other games scholars and extend that research to a wider scholarly and public audience. To that end, the Center will facilitate the creation of new gaming-related courses, sponsor an academic conference that invites students and scholars to share their work on history and video game topics, invite speakers to campus, and provide a vocational space for critical gaming. For more information about the Center and its goals visit our "About the Center" page linked below.

Mission Statement: The Center is a collaborative, interdisciplinary space where researchers, students and a community of gamers at CSULB engage in the critical study and teaching of video games and their place in culture. The center encourages the study of game pedagogy and research throughout the university, and works to develop productive interactions between disciplines, students, scholars, players, and the general public. 

About the Center


Learn about the Center and our goals for the coming years. 

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Explore the research sponsored by the center and created by its directors.

The Archive

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Our Archive houses oral and written gaming histories as well as a playable archive of video games.



A blog dedicated to publishing articles by the CSULB community related to video games study and history.

History Games Club


Join us to play and discuss history based card and table-top games.