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History Games (Playing History Board Games with Lawler and Smith)

White Flight and the Urban Suburban Divide

In our final themed game series we’ll explore issues of white flight and urban/suburban development as it’s represented in board games. We’ll start with “Welcome To,” where players compete to build the perfect suburb. Then move on to “Welcome to Centerville,” a game that engages players in city management and finally we’ll sit down to play “Urban Sprawl,” where players work at urban management and growth without destroying their cities. Will you create a vibrant metropolis or will your city crumble into obscurity while residents flee to the suburb?

We meet at 5:00 p.m. in FO2-209. In order to move things along we ask that you consult a play through video for these games on youtube and familiarize yourself with game play. We’ll explain the rules but it’s helpful if everyone has some knowledge of the games.