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History Games (Play History Board Games with Smith and Lawler)

Nationalism and Colonialism in Boardgames Continued…

Please note the DATE CHANGE. We’ll convene on October 2nd. Join us again to play “The Grizzled” a World War I trench co-op game where players work together to survive the trenches of the Western Front. We’ll also play “Princes of Florence,” a game where players assume the roles of Florentine Princes in the Renaissance and compete with each other to design their own villas and encourage artists to create great works of prestige. If flouncing through Florence is not your thing, how about taking on the role of one America’s “Founding Fathers” in a game that casts players as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention where you compete for the most influence on the outcome of the new Constitution and try to get Washington to bend your way.

We meet at 5:00 p.m. in FO2-209. In order to move things along we ask that you consult a play through video for these games on youtube and familiarize yourself with game play. We’ll explain the rules but it’s helpful if everyone has some knowledge of the games.